Freight Movers Birmingham (Midlands)

Mission & Vision

At Freight Moves our mission is simple: To deliver trusted, professional services that we promise to our customers and we aim to provide a full logistics solution as a bolt on to any business. We want to add real value to businesses, value of service costs right through to value of partnerships and the protection of our clients credibility and good name

The Freight Moves vision is to establish ourselves as one of the best freight movers in Birmingham and logistics service providers in the UK , by developing successful and satisfied customers and employees by focusing on our core business functions. Freight Moves will continue to grow and with it our reputation in the industry.


We aim to innovate as a company and find new ways of doing business

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement of our employees, services and fleet


Respect our customers and staff alike


Faithful and devoted to our company, employees and customers


We aim to be trusted and reliable as a business


Using the lowest amount of inputs to create the greatest outputs